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We'll help you Record, organize, access and consolidate your case files centrally

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Never miss a Deadline

With our timely reminders, You will never miss a deadline

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Access Anywhere

With our cloud-based app, you can manage your practice from anywhere

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Client Management

Let's help you leave an indelible positive impression on your clients

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Team Management

Get your employees / team members on the same page at all times, in all places

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Do what you Love

LawPavilion Case Manager will free up more time for you to do what you love, so that your clients will love what you do.

Who is it for?

Having looked into the Legal Industry for ways to improve the speed of justice delivery, we're happy to have created a product that caters for:

  • Independent Legal Practitioners
  • Law Firms
  • Government Agencies
  • Courts of Law - LawPavilion Court Management System
  • Judges
  • Solicitors
  • In-House Counsels

Why We are Different?

We do not just ask you to buy our product; We're asking you to let us work with you to grow your Legal Practice.

Security We are fortified like a Bank Vault
Expertise We have been creating innovative IT tools for lawyers since 2006
Service We are on ground, able to respond to your service needs

Your Practice. Anywhere. Anytime.


Need more features?

Even though we've worked with leading Law Firms and Solicitors in bringing this software to you, we recognize the fact that we may not have thought about everything that makes your Law Practice tick. So, we're open to feature requests and suggestions because what we care about is MAKING YOUR PRACTICE MORE PROFITABLE

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